The Best Fortune at Sensoji Temple, AsaKusa Japan

There was a Fortune area in front of the temple, and for $1.00, you can pick a chop stick out of a box, track the symbol on the stick to a box, and take out your fortune.

Dave gets a Bad Fortune!

Oh no! So you take your bad fortune and wrap it up tie it to a metal rod, where they will burn it later.

I also got a bad fortune.
Looking for the box that matches the stick symbol.
But guess who got a good fortune!
Katrina, she got a good fortune! Actually the BEST Fortune! All the rest of us fated a bad fortune. Sabrina wants me to point out, she did not get a fortune.

13 responses to “The Best Fortune at Sensoji Temple, AsaKusa Japan”

  1. Hi Dave and Laura, No one wants a Bad Fortune and it even costs money:) Fun and interesting:)

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    1. It really was a lot of fun!

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    2. No kidding, but Katrina got the best fortune, and boy was she on top of the world over that, so for me I’m happy, and it made it all worth it for sure.

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    1. Yeah no kidding, were going out I dinner tonite, just us. We try and take a kid out often just by themself. So they get alone time with us, so I will be tonite 😁

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      1. That’s a lovely thing to do.

        And I hope that luck continued! 😉

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  2. Oh, it’s quite sad that you got a bad fortune in return of your money 😦
    But congratulations to Katrina! She must be very happy 😀

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    1. She is super happy, I’m posting a picture tonite of her with her pride pose shes walking tall after that fortune

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      1. Aww… I would be really proud too if I was at her place 🙂 I would be waiting for your picture ❤
        P.S. Are you in Japan right now?

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      2. We just got back, JUST… so exhausted, but loved EVERY single second of the trip!

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      3. Ah, that’s a great thing! 🙂

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