The Best Fortune at Sensoji Temple, AsaKusa Japan

There was a Fortune area in front of the temple, and for $1.00, you can pick a chop stick out of a box, track the symbol on the stick to a box, and take out your fortune.

Dave gets a Bad Fortune!

Oh no! So you take your bad fortune and wrap it up tie it to a metal rod, where they will burn it later.

I also got a bad fortune.
Looking for the box that matches the stick symbol.
But guess who got a good fortune!
Katrina, she got a good fortune! Actually the BEST Fortune! All the rest of us fated a bad fortune. Sabrina wants me to point out, she did not get a fortune.

13 responses to “The Best Fortune at Sensoji Temple, AsaKusa Japan”

  1. Erica/Erika says:

    Hi Dave and Laura, No one wants a Bad Fortune and it even costs money:) Fun and interesting:)

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  2. Stand close to her!!

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  3. Oh, it’s quite sad that you got a bad fortune in return of your money 😦
    But congratulations to Katrina! She must be very happy 😀

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