Nakamise Shopping Street, Sensoji Temple – Asakusa, Tokyo Japan

Our family left the Confucious Temple and walked toward our goal of Nakamise Shopping street and Sensoji Temple. We heard this was a great tourist location, and we are tourists and want to shop.

Check out the serious number of little stores here – like a tourist shopping paradise!
We buy a lot of little gifts.
High five a statue, and head on over to the temple
Katrina, David and Sabrina posing in front of the Sensoji Temple Entrance.
David and Garion in front of the temple entrance

Lets go In!

Sometimes I stand in awe – thinking how lucky I am. During this trip it is probably my 100th time of just thinking how Blessed and lucky I am to be here with my family. Even when looking at these crazy demons in a temple. Inside the temple it is even more interesting things. I buy a health charm for my mom and say a quick prayer of safety and health for everyone in my family and the world and we walk around the grounds next. We see a Prayer/Fortune area, will check that out in the next post.


10 responses to “Nakamise Shopping Street, Sensoji Temple – Asakusa, Tokyo Japan”

  1. Nice to meet you !
    wow ~ Asakusa Nakamise Street. (^^)

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    1. Nice to meet you as well. It takes a while for Google Translate to work and for me to read your site but looking forward to reading more of it

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  2. thank you very much!
    Many of my articles are political, but there are also articles on Japanese culture. I would be very happy if it would be helpful (^^)

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    1. I will check it out tonight, and respond back. 😊

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      1. I am very happy!
        thank you very much😃

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  3. I love seeing people’s travel pictures. But I have to admit, the one picture where ‘someone’ wants to be taller made me happy. 🙂

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    1. I know, that is so funny, I’m glad you noticed, because it makes me laugh too

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  4. How fun! And yes blessed… all you’ve earned and more than deserve!

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    1. We both have, I feel like far away sisters thru overcoming hard times and living in happiness

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      1. For sure!!! 💖💖💖💖

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