Mario Cart Competition & Crane Games – Play Videos Akihabara- Tokyo Japan

Were at the Sega Video Game Building in Akihabara, Tokyo Japan. This building is FILLED with all kinds of AWESOME crane games, Video Games and Virtual Reality Games. Next to the escalator, you can see there is 7 – yes 7 floors of arcade games here!
Many Stories and Two separate SEGA Buildings, so many Games, so little time!

Crane Games Everywhere!

At this point he has spent more than the item would cost…. but so close – so by the end of the trip he could have bought two. I love how animated he is after this.

Sabrina wanted this puppy and lost, but her sister won it on the next try. Lucky, not many winners around.

Our family loves to go to our local Utica, MI Dave and Busters to play Mario Cart. I typically loose, David and Sabrina are up at the top, Katrina second, Garion third. But lets check out our game in Toyko, Japan.

Get Ready to Battle Drive!

The Winner of this Round – David! So for the finally, we went up to the top and the boys played Virtual Reality shooting and horse riding bow and arrow competitions, it was funny to see how they walked around with their headsets on – and when they were done, they said it was so real, they could not get their minds to believe it was not. They were shaking after the first round.


13 responses to “Mario Cart Competition & Crane Games – Play Videos Akihabara- Tokyo Japan”

  1. that looks like a fun place to be!

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  2. This place looks so much fun! I’d love to play Mario Cart in an actual arcade!

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    1. It was super fun, and the best part – in Tokyo you can actually drive mario Carts – real ones with costumes down the streets along with cars, but it is super funny and fun, we did not do it, but we saw people doing it and we would have, but our youngest does not have their drivers license yet.

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  3. Wow.. I wish there was such a place in my hometown! Lovely blog, btw ♥️

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  4. Hey.. I’d like to have a chat with you.. I’m a newbie noob so.. will you please help me out ?

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    1. Sure you can try emailing me if you want getting ahold of me on phone might be hard I think we have a great time difference right now here at 8 on a Thursday

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      1. It’s 6pm here… Anyways.. just asking should I write only adventure stories or other unique travel experiences ( non adventurers ) too?

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      2. Oh I’m sorry I thought you wanted a more detailed answer that would take pages she can have one section 4 Adventure in one section for Unique travel

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      3. I’ve been thinking about having two sections on my same website as well one for budgeting so that I can retire and travel and one just for travel

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      4. How to do that I’ve no clue lol

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      5. You know what I’ll find out and get back to you I’m not 100% sure myself but I’m seeing others do it

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