Samurai Museum – Tokyo Japan

David at the Samurai Museum, Tokyo Japan

The one thing David really wanted to see in Tokyo was a Samurai show or a Samurai Museum. We tracked it down on Trip Advisor, it is in the same area as the Robot Café. We did want to see the Robot Café it was on our list but changed our mind after reading the Trip Advisor reviews and realizing how much it cost – $64.00 after a 60% discount coupon that you have to wait 24hours to collect. We opted out. We walked over to the Samurai Museum and it was a short 15min wait until the next tour and show, so for $16.94 we bought a ticket on Trip Advisor, it was $19.00 at the site, and waited while shopping the gift shop.

David loved this one the most, he even bought a mini replica of this samurai outfit.

Honestly, this was a wonderful tour, we learned ALOT, and it was interesting all the way thru – even to my ADHD kids, and we even got to watch a samurai & ninja show and then ask questions at the end. I really enjoyed this and I did not think I was going to.

We really enjoyed this combination history lesson, museum quality piece and stories that went with each piece in a tour, then the Show and Dress up time. I recommend this stop if you visit Tokyo.
These two hams loved playing samurai and dress up!

Published by David & Laura Speer

Were a Metro Detroit, Michigan, couple – second marriages for both of us – and we dream of retiring early to Travel the World. Follow us while we try and figure out to raise our kids, and save to retire. David is a Robot Programmer, Laura is a Medical Physicist. We put our kids before ourselves for years, saved and ate at home and now after years of all this sacrifice and raising our kids - we are closing in on empty nesting, and we realized we have the opportunity to retire earlier than most and follow our dreams to travel the world. How are we going to do this? Well we have a lot of ideas, but lets see how it works out. Our original retirement date was January 1, 2021. We are reviewing the option of working another 3 years but prefer to keep the 2021 date, either way we will be retired by 55 years old - still trying to figure out how, but working toward our goal everyday, while enjoying each other and our blended family. Follow us to see what happens. All images on this blog are copyright (c)

24 thoughts on “Samurai Museum – Tokyo Japan

    1. I am telling you, it is really cool. The stuff is real and not replicas. I wanted to touch them, but was being respectful. You would love Tokyo, it was filled with so much – the Pokemon, Gundham, and other anime cafes, the lifestyle, the food. It was great, I cannot wait to go back.

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  1. Wow! I’d appreciate having the horned armor and the attire with the head dress as decor in my home… with that accentuating lighting too, of course! What a cool experience, to vacation there!

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      1. Wow, so I went to the site, clicked for English, of course, and went to the gift shop. Oh holy man, they’re pricey. Smaller Samurai work best for me anyway, due to my not living in a museum-sized home : ) I clicked on one I adore. It’s made to order & states it takes a month or two to produce it’s armor! I’d hate to wait, but I bet it’s quality is optimal! Thank you

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      1. Aww thank you for that! Animals sure make the world beautiful. The dog is… well, he’s needy & not too bright, but worth it. Murph is my Zen, my smart & silent friend! They’re opposites.

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      2. The other day he parked his bottom to the right of me, drooled on my foot, turned his head left, scraping his nose across Murph’s scales (as Murph rested on my leg) & bonked his jaw on the metal chair. Then something caught his attention to the right… 3 seconds later with a left look (at nothing)… drool, scrape, bonk! I had to make him move before he cracked his jaw again!

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