Hedge Hog Café – Tokyo Japan

On the Way to the Pokémon Café, we see a Hedge Hog and Cat Café. The Café is on top of a puppy store – yes they sell Puppies there – really tiny teacup puppies, that are on display in a fish tank style shop, these puppies are honestly the cutest I have ever seen, but they are $$$ in price, starting at $1000.00 was the cheapest I saw. But I cannot take pictures, because it is posted everywhere not too. But this post is about Hedge Hogs – Because we decided we had to go and we pay for 10mins at 350yen or $3.50.

Tip: In pet café, the clock starts when you are at the bottom of the stairs, it seems they all were upstairs – all that we saw, and they don’t give you a clock you have to keep track yourself.

We jog up the stairs, we are seeing hedge hogs, the kids went to see cats – I don’t know why – we have two cats at home, but its their money, I am going to pet a hedge hog! I open the door and there they are – Two Hedge hogs sitting in there little habitats. I’m headed to pet one.

I pet one, but realize I should wear a glove. He is spiky and does not like to be petted.

Hedge Hog Happiness!

Hedge Hogs are Fiesty!

There were also Rabbits there, but I grew up on a farm and raised Rabbits, so it was only the Hedge Hogs I wanted to see.

Hedge Hog Paradise

We saw two, but you can put them in any habitat they have, I was not going to move him, but enjoyed this for sure for the price!


5 responses to “Hedge Hog Café – Tokyo Japan”

  1. Hedgehogs – there’s nothing else to say! Thanks for sharing your experience.

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  2. Interesting place. I would like to visit.

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    1. You really would like it, they also had Owl cafes, fox cafes, cat and bunny cafes. But you also would have loved the puppy sales – super tiny puppies in cages, it looked like they were selling.

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  3. How cool! I didn’t even know these were a thing! I had one when I was younger! They make great pets but can be messy! -Also are up all night as they are nocturnal

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    1. Plus, those two we saw were first. There was also an owl cafe, fox cafe, cat cafe, puppy cafe, and others.

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