Tokyo Disney 2

There is SO much to post on this visit to Disney Seas Tokyo. First I wish I could have more time, especially a second day to go to the second park Tokyo Disneyland. But you get what you get and we got a lot. Some more pictures of the park.

Were here in Tokyo Disney

Toy Story Lunch, and Yes, that is a chicken bone in a sausage – so a sausage on a bone! With a Chicken (or maybe pork fried cutlet) and Saffron rice shaped like Woody, mini salad and a cream sauce with black beans and a drink. This was 1580yen, or $15.80 US dollars.

Video of Arabian Seas

More Arabian Seas.

Quiet Whale Sleeping!

One response to “Tokyo Disney 2”

  1. I love the shirt. Instant lunch my favorite. Coming from Guam I ate many Ichiban instant ramen noodles. I haven’t been to Japan yet which is kinda wierd since Guam is just 3 yrs flight from there, but after seeing your post it climbed on my bucket list. Thank you for sharing.

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