Under and on top of the Eiffel Tower

We walked on over the to Eiffel Tower, and waited in a short security line and there we were. Back in 2008 we visited the tower and walked up two levels – this is not recommended.

TIP: Walking up the Eiffel tower even if your in great shape is hard, it is a small staircase and there are people behind you expecting you not to stop and block the flow. So if you want to go up – wait in the elevator line.

Having fun under the Eiffel Tower

Dave took some art photos at the next level, but you can see he is not at the top, there is a second elevator – that he thought was broken and cost a second fee to take to the actual top.

Wide image from up top the Eiffel Tower
When the boys waited in line and hung out up top, we had a snack. A hot dog in a baguette and soda. They cut this hot dog in half and put in a baguette, but back in 2008 my son got this same hot dog, and it wobbled out each end, we still laugh about that – I’ll try and find that photo and add it.

Next Post – Tokyo!


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