What NOT to Rent on Home Rental sites

So I am searching for hours on AirBNB and VRBO. Rental home sites – that I have had a lot of success with. I have heard of scams with these sites, people who up load locations that do not exist, you book it, pay for it and get nothing when you show up. I have a few hints on how to AVOID one of these scams.

First – someone new to the site – RED Flag!

Second – someone without any other rentals – RED Flag!

Third – No history of anything – RED Flag!

Fourth – Cheap prices for more than every other site – RED Flag!

Fifth – Sketchy pictures of the rental location, maybe just part of a room, missing beds or kitchen or bathroom images- RED Flag!

Sixth – No details of the rental location – or very limited details – RED Flag!

Seventh – Next to nothing in cleaning and service fees – RED Flag!

Eigth – Left click on the image of the owner, or home and see other websites with this image – Nothing but SCAM!

See sample image – everything in this area is going for $250, this one – $185, plus very low cleaning and rental fees, new to site, no reviews, no history of any kind to review, pictures are at best sketchy. Now – this might be a great location to rent, but it also might be a SCAM. All I know is I would hate to visit a location and have NO place to stay when I get and have all my money gone too. Not sure in the refund policy for this with VRBO and AirBNB, but I will investigate. I blocked out ALOT of the details, hence the blanked out portions.


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  1. Thanks for the tips!


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