Bazaar – Shop of Oddities Baltimore, Maryland

Shop of Oddities in Baltimore, MD

Our 36 hours in Baltimore, Maryland to visit our son Brett – had me looking for thing to do that were different. After a visit to the Baltimore Inner Harbor Tourist Building I saw a brochure with a reference to the Bazaar shop of Oddities, sounded like the perfect stop for us – something different.

It is different alright, a small shop about a 12minute drive from inner harbor Baltimore – where you park your car on a side street in backward according to the posting – and well every other car was parked that way so easy to figure out. We never did solve if there was a parking fee, and we did not pay any and did not get a ticket either. We walked over the neon lime building and walked inside to a full house of people – jammed into this little showroom of – well weirdo stuff that is fascinating to look at.

Albino Doe, with Mad Red devil eyes, and the elusive jackolope. The store offers taxidermy classes as well.
Cowhide shrunken heads
Reasonably priced plastic surrounded small animals, reptiles and bugs.
Small animals and fish in formaldehyde. Thought these were cool, but hard to explain on a carry on luggage ride home.

My favorite item was a Radium poster, David liked the box filled with speculums. The weirdest thing was a human like torso suit made of pig intestine found on a farm – weirdo people are out there and while I did not need proof, this was proof. The web site for the store is:

So check it out your self, they ship everything.


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  1. I do hope you’ll be writing a book!


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