RSNA Chicago

A few days in Chicago with my husband at the annual education courses for Radiological Society of North America.

Drinks with friends at a Tiki Bar.




GE lecture series on the new Revolution CT Scanners at our facility – protocols standards was the best subject.20181126_185819


Dessert at Lawry’s Steak house in Chicago, this was the after. IMG_20181125_205759_207

Before….. lol.  It was a Chocolate replica of the prime rib cart, filled with a Chantilly creme so light and not too sweet, then berries!IMG_20181125_205656_921

View from my chair in the restaurant, opulent decadence decor!20181125_190623

Susan and Dr. Chae with us at dinner, what a great couple to hang out with!20181125_200702

Us at the Italy CT lecture and Jazz Band, so champagne and Italian food for all!201811259521535220181125_223118

David with us at Timothy OTooles a night time drink before bed with Ray Carlson, my boss20181125_225136

More pictures to come, including the conference, not just the parties, lol.


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