Past Free – Updated

Since this post I have sold two of the four rental properties on Land Contract. It is …. one of the smartest things I have done in a long time. I do not have to pay insurance, not pay to fix things, not pay taxes, but I collect money, and more than I made with rent and if they fail and do not keep it – I get it back…… lets look where I was when in the process of selling the first one –

Well I have almost sold one of my four rental properties, all bought prior to my marriage with David.  We have an offer accepted and I am ready to sell.  Selling on land contract will help fund our retirement plans.    I enjoyed being a land-lady – but I am ready to move on.  I had to work so many extra hours over and above my regular job, to save up for the down payments, and then I had to argue endlessly with my ex husband on buying each one.   I remember how he told me, he would never have anything to do with it, not help me not even once – not until I bought the house I am now selling.   I bought that house as a rental and the outbuilding garage for him to store his “stuff”.  He had Alot of stuff.   He filled that 3 car garage with his stuff and made it his man cave, he spent a lot of time there.

This previous week,  I have been feeling significantly lighter, happier, just like everything is falling into place.  I kept thinking… why?

Just tonight I am realizing, selling this rental is leaving so much of past behind, OK, yes….obvious as I write it.  We had years ago sold off the major items in the garage – it was over flowing. We had to move all that was left at this point, over to our house or to the garbage – to prepare for the sale.  There was nothing of value…. old broken Christmas decor, an entire industrial garbage filled with flame retardant scraps of material (who knows why), a broken lawn mower, a tool box, etc…   What it was really filled with was memories – all hurtful and ready to be left behind.

I look forward to this sale being complete.   I love my current life, it feels like the life I always dreamed, imagined and wanted.  This sale, will get us closer to retirement, and the bonus of freeing me from the past.


2 responses to “Past Free – Updated”

  1. That is wonderful, Laura!! Onward and upward!! ❤️

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    1. The funny part is I did not even realize how exhausting it was until I starting thinking about in retrospective.


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