First Blog – Preparing to Visit Reykjavik Iceland

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Coming soon – Iceland Trip – January 20-24, 2017.

Reykjavik, Iceland – David has a dream of photographing the Northern Lights.  We were searching late night, and saw a Gate One tour for a 4 day trip to Iceland, airfare, hotel with breakfast included – it was two people leaving from Detroit for under $1200.  Adventure bound, we bought it without hesitation.

We started telling friends and family, we are off to Iceland in January and realized we didn’t really investigate this trip.  We didn’t know a lot… length of flight, would we be snowed into a frozen winter blowing tundra, what our hotel was like (a cave in the middle of nowhere?), what is there to do there other than northern lights.  David was dreaming of fishing and hunting unknown wildlife, I was thinking penguin watching.   Not much hunting in Iceland, although there is a puffin hunting You Tube video we saw (yikes!), our kids filled us in on the fact there are no penguins in Iceland.  So we started researching.   We are still not 100% sure what we are going to do, but plans of the moment include:

  • Northern Lights tour,  which is included in our package.
  • The Circle of Fire tour, a ring shaped road with lots to see from a passenger seat.  Mini stops.
  • Blue Lagoon – a Geothermal Lagoon (Volcano heated not Nuclear runoff).
  • Eating Lamb Stew, Puffin and Rotted Shark.

So, we will check on local deals, Groupon, and the Iceland tourism web site.  We are flexible and who knows what might catch our interest.   We do know we will report back with lots of photos, and what the weekend trip surprises we encountered.


So… We’re on our way and at the airport ready to fly to New York s JFK airport, then a straight 6hrs to Iceland.  Our next post will detail some of our adventures.


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